Fishing Zwolle

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Fishing Zwolle takes you to the most beautiful places in and around Zwolle. You hunt all types of predatory fish such as perch, pike and pike-perch. During this all expenses paid trip (4-8 hours) you will be fishing various waters, including the Zwarte water, the river IJssel and the famous canals of Zwolle. A professional, fully equipped fishing boat with a 60 hp engine will take you to the best places Zwolle has to offer!

Fishing is something I have been interested in since childhood. After a few fishing trips to Chile and Sweden, I got the idea to work as a fishing guide. This was also the reason why I started a sport-fishing course in Alkmaar. During my studies, I have had two very special and educational internships: several months in Sweden in Dalsland, for example at the famous Laxsjon, and a period at Fishing Amsterdam with Juul Steyn. This resulted in a good cooperation. I completed my course in the spring of 2012. This seemed the ideal time to start working as a fishing guide: right at the start of the fishing season.

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If we can’t help you out on your requested dates, you can always get in touch with our partners of Fishing Amsterdam. And if you decide to go to our great capital, why not rent a houseboat in Amsterdam? Because there’s no better place to stay then right on top of the fish!

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